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Internal gear pumps and accessories

QX High pressure internal gear pumps

The QX pumps are the 5th generation Bucher internal gear pumps. They have proven themselves over the last thirty years and the simple design ensures a long life without the need for extensive maintenance. Sequential and multiple pumps are available worldwide in more than 1000 variants. The advantages of this pump are; suitable for high pressure, low noise, long life and negligible flow and pressure peaks.

The QX twin pumps consist of two single pumps mounted on a common drive shaft. Hydraulically, the two pumps operate independently of each other, but they share a common suction connection in the center of the pump. The largest pump of the combination is located at the end of the shaft (the drive side). With equal pump dimensions, the pump with the largest displacement is on the drive side. These pumps can be used in hydraulic presses, machine tools, waste presses, painting machines, hydraulic power units, elevator cars and elevator/lift controls.

QXV internal gear pumps

The QVX is a internal gear pump for low viscosity fluids. This pump is capable of developing pressures of 300 bar with high efficiency at a viscosity of around 1 mm²/s. The QXV- internal gear pump is used with great success to pump aviation jet fuels, paraffin oil/kerosene, brake fluid, pentosine and HFA fluids.

What are the benefits of the QVX?
The QVX-pump has a low level of noise, excellent efficiency, long life, low pump wear, low cavitation sensitivity and good emergency operation characteristics. Finally, the QVX internal gear pump can develop 300 bar at a viscosity of around 1 mm²/s.

Where is the QVX used?
The QVX is used in installations for testing jet A1/fuel drives for aircraft turbines, test installations for diesel injection pipes, rolling mills, fuel pumps for gas turbines, welding machines and lubrication pumps for shaft bearings.