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Elika gear pumps

We are dealer of Marzocchi's ELIKA® pumps. These are extremely quiet gear pumps that can be used in situations where low noise levels are desired. ELIKA gear pumps are 100% interchangeable with the existing ALP and GHP series of standard gear pumps and are available in different assembly groups, ELI2, ELI3 AND ELI4.

Low-noise gear pumps

  • Noise reduction on average 15 dBA (compared to standard gear pump)
  • On average 70% less pulsation on the discharge side of the pump (compared to standard gear pump)
  • Stroke volumes from 7 to 200 cc/rev.
  • Available in groups 2 and 3 and 4
  • Also available as a multiple pump
  • Available from stock (ELI2 & ELI3)
Elika geluidsarme tandwielpompen

Marzocchi ELIKA pumps use advanced gears in the pump. For example, Elika gears have helical teeth, fewer teeth and a round tooth shape. As a result, ELIKA gear pumps are extremely quiet and there is always maximum contact between the two gears. In addition, the efficiency of the pump is already present at low speeds.

The unique tooth shape of the ELIKA hydraulic pumps also reduces vibrations and thus prevents resonances from being transferred to other parts of the hydraulic system.